First dogsled ride in Schnepfenried with Rêve de Nord


Have you ever dreamed of gliding on snow, in a sled drawn by dogs? Personally, it was one of my dreams. And I can tell you that it is as amazing in real life as what I was dreaming! I tried my first dogsled ride in Alsace with Rêve de Nord, located in the Valley of Munster in the station of Schnepfenried (Haut-Rhin).

Rêve de Nord mainly offers half-day excursions, but also first rides. However, there is unfortunately no initiation to dog team driving. The advantage of the first ride, is that you can discover the activity and enjoy it at a relatively cheaper price. It’s quite nice because this activity is pricey (which is normal, because keeping a pack of dogs is costly!).

The first dogsled ride starts with a presentation and explanations about the pack, made of Huskies, Greenland, Malamute and Alaskan dogs. They are magnificent and some of them are quite cuddly. The dogs are then harnessed. They were all quiet, but just seeing Fabien, the musher, grabbing the harness (the ropes used to pull the sled), made them all excited. They were barking at everything and you could feel that they were really eager to get going! I settle in the sled and here we go for a 20 minutes ride with 7 dogs. The dogs, the snowy landscape, the peace, sliding on the snow… What happiness! It is impressive to see the complicity of the musher and his dogs, listening to him attentively. Time flew by and we were already back at the starting point. Even if it was short, I had the chance to live a magical moment!

I liked

  • Friendly welcome and interesting explanations from the musher
  • Magnificent dogs
  • The first ride enables you to discover the activity on a budget

I liked a little less

  • It goes by too quickly! ;-)
  • To be book a long time in advance

My pictures of my first dogsled ride

Practical information


You will find here the prices of Rêve de Nord. Remember to book in advance (one or two months), as it’s often full in winter!

Getting here

By car

Schnepfenried is located:

  • 35 km from Colmar (about 45 minutes drive)
  • 56 km from Mulhouse (about 1h drive)
  • 106 km from Strasbourg (about 1h30 drive)
By public transport

It is difficult. There is a shuttle to the station from Munster train station, but the starting point is not on the station. It is always possible to walk, but you’ll have to be patient.

Feeling peckish?

If you are feeling peckish, I like the Ferme-auberge Deybach located on the station Schnepfenried.

Address: Station de ski du Schnepfenried, D27.1, Sondernach, France

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