Dîners Insolites du Patrimoine


Have you ever heard of the Dîners Insolites du Patrimoine? It is an event that started in the department of the Vosges and that now happens in Lorraine, Alsace and Champagne-Ardennes. What is the concept? To organize dinners in exceptional places that are usually not destined to be places where to eat. The locations are very varied: industrial parks, wildlife parks, museums, religious sites, castles… A great variety for everyone’s taste. A guided tour is always offered during the dinner.

Because an exceptional place is not enough, dinners are prepared by renowned chefs from the area, who prepare a new menu just for the occasion. There are several ranges of prices, with dinners prepared by a renowned chef, a starred chef, a chef with two stars or a MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France). Finally, these Dîners Insolites du Patrimoine always come with an artistic show such as music, dance or singing.

I have tried the Dîners insolites du Patrimoine during a launching lunch happening at the Museum of the Cour d’Or in Metz. It was a great quality meal savored in a wonderful place: I really enjoyed this concept! And as there will be quite a few dinners, I will probably try another one in the months to come…

I liked

  • Being able to dine in exceptional places
  • Menus prepared for the occasion by renowned chefs
  • A good offer of dinners in Alsace

I liked a little less

  • Remember to book well in advance, as the dinners get booked up quickly!It’s the price of success…

My pictures of the Dîner Insolite du Patrimoine

Practical information


There are 5 different packages, from a tasting to a dinner prepared by a chef with two stars, as well as pique-nique and conventional dinners. Prices go from 35€ to 105€. You will find here the details about the different possible formulas.


You will find here the schedule of the Dîners Insolites du Patrimoine.

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