Summer illuminations of the Cathedral of Strasbourg

15/09/2015 StrasbourgFrance

Every summer, the cathedral of Strasbourg puts on illuminations at nightfall. A sound and light show takes place every evening for the delight of tourists and locals! The show is different every year and it’s hard to get tired of it… it’s absolutely splendid! It usually takes place on the west facade of the cathedral (the one with the rose window and… Read more →

A boat trip in Strasbourg with Batorama

25/06/2015 StrasbourgFrance

Taking a boat trip in Strasbourg is an alternative way to discover the city. Sitting on a large riverboat, you will travel slowly through the rivers of the city, all the while enjoying the landscape. Architectural styles come one after another: from half-timbered houses of La Petite France to the modern European institutions and the German Imperial District, Strasbourg is… Read more →

Visit of Strasbourg Cathedral

20/06/2015 StrasbourgFrance

Strasbourg Cathedral is the oldest Gothic cathedral in the world and one of the must-see when visiting Strasbourg. It is easily recognizable by its pink sandstone facade and its unique tower. It is a really beautiful and impressive building! One of its main feature is the astronomical clock dating back from the 19th century. It is… Read more →

Visit of the European Parliament in Strasbourg

12/06/2015 StrasbourgFrance

Strasbourg shares the title of European capital with Brussels. Indeed, several European institutions have their seat in the European district of Strasbourg: the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the European Human Rights Court (ECHR). And let’s not forget Arte headquarters. The European Parliament in Strasbourg welcomes every year the MEPs during 12 plenary sessions. At these times, Strasbourg is in a frenzy and it becomes… Read more →