Memorial sites

Alsace-Moselle Memorial in Schirmeck

16/03/2016 SchirmeckFrance

The Alsace-Moselle memorial is a museum recounting the history of Alsace and Moselle from 1870 to the period after the war, with a specific focus on the time after Second World war  (1939-1945). With this description, it might seem tedious, but the Museum is really well-done and the history of Alsace-Moselle is quite singular: did you… Read more →

Visit of the former Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp

09/07/2015 NatzwillerFrance

Struthof is an important place of memory in Alsace. It is indeed located where the former Natzwiller-Struthof concentration camp stood. It was the only concentration camp in France and was open by Nazis in 1941. In addition of the visit of the former concentration camp, it is also possible to visit a museum that was built in one of the camp barracks,… Read more →

National war cemetery of Sigolsheim

01/07/2015 France

The “nécropole nationale de Sigolsheim” is a war cemetery hosting 1,589 graves of soldiers who died for France during World War II and the fights for the reduction of the Colmar Pocket under the orders of Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny. Here is the text that you can find on the memorial plate, followed by our translation: “Sur… Read more →