Crest Road

The Crest Road by car

10/09/2015 StosswihrFrance

The Crest Road is a road on the Vosges crest, between Sainte-Marie aux Mines and Cernay. It is a stunning road to walk, but if you don’t enjoy walking, it’s also very nice to do it by car! I tried this option on a beautiful summer day. There was a little bit of mist on that day, but the… Read more →

Hike around Mittlach, in the Valley of Munster (6h)

25/08/2015 MittlachFrance

Here is the itinerary for a loop hike starting in Mittlach, in the Valley of Munster, going through the famous Crest Road. I did this hike in July with the Club Vosgien of Colmar. The weather was stormy that day, so the idea was to go on the Crest Road while the weather was ok, and to slowly go down… Read more →