Visiting companies

Visit of a Munster dairy – La ferme du Versant du Soleil


Do you know what is munster? It is an Alsatian cheese with quite a strong taste. As its name indicates, it comes from the Valley of Munster. Still to this day, it can only be produced in some parts of the East of France (in the massif of the Vosges mainly). There are also in Alsace many farms producing munster. Now,… Read more →

Tour of the brewery of Saint-Louis

20/11/2015 Saint-LouisFrance

The brewery of Saint-Louis is an artisanal brewery located, as its name may suggest, in the village of Saint-Louis, in the South of Alsace (at the border with Basel in Switzerland). The brewery of Saint-Louis opens its doors every first Saturdays of the month. The guided tour starts with the brewery in itself and is led by the… Read more →

I tested the tourist Grape Harvest in Alsace!

13/09/2015 GertwillerFrance

The arrival of September is synonymous with the grape harvest in the Alsatian vineyard. I, for one, had always wanted to see from up close the wine harvest process. But how would I be able to do it, unless I knew a wine grower or I was hired as a grape harvester for the season?… Read more →

Chocolate workshop at Daniel Stoffel

20/08/2015 RibeauvilléFrance

Take note all gourmets! The Chocolaterie du Vignoble Daniel Stoffel, located in Ribeauvillé (not far from Colmar in Alsace), regularly offers chocolate workshops. The aim is to learn how to make delicious chocolate sweets by yourself. There are different themes, but I chose to attend the workshop « Chocolate Bonbons ». The idea was to learn how to make praline filled chocolates…. Read more →

Les confitures du Climont: visit of the workshop and tasting

08/07/2015 RanruptFrance

Les confitures du Climont are artisanal jams made in Alsace, in the Bruche Valley. Fabrice Krencker is at the head of the workshop and has been elected Best Jam Maker in France in 2010 by the Confrérie de la Marmite d’Or. It is well worth a visit and a tasting, isn’t it? The workshop of Confitures de Climont is a… Read more →

Visit of La Maison du Fromage in the Valley of Munster

26/06/2015 GunsbachFrance

La Maison du Fromage of the Valley of Munster (The Cheese House) is a museum entirely dedicated to the famous Munster cheese and to the related traditions of the Valley of Munster. It is a very promising theme, but let me tell you straight away that this museum was a disappointment. The visit includes a short tour… Read more →

Gingerbread – Visits of museums and manufacturing workshops

22/06/2015 GertwillerFrance

Gertwiller is the capital of gingerbread in Alsace since the 18th century. Gingerbread lovers, you are in the right place! Two big manufacturers are still located in Gertwiller nowadays: the Maison Lips and Fortwenger. The two companies each have a small museum that you can visit. You can also have a look at their gingerbread manufacturing workshops.