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Carnival of Mulhouse

16/02/2016 MulhouseFrance

There are many carnivals in Alsace around Mardi-Gras, i.e. during the months of February / March. Carnival is quite an important tradition in Alsace, much more so than in other French regions. This probably can be explained by the proximity of Germany and Switzerland, where carnival is also very important. The carnival of Mulhouse is one of the biggest… Read more →

Visit of a Munster dairy – La ferme du Versant du Soleil


Do you know what is munster? It is an Alsatian cheese with quite a strong taste. As its name indicates, it comes from the Valley of Munster. Still to this day, it can only be produced in some parts of the East of France (in the massif of the Vosges mainly). There are also in Alsace many farms producing munster. Now,… Read more →

4 unusual places and walks in Mulhouse

10/01/2016 MulhouseFrance

For this post, I invited Nathalie and Marie-Eve from the blog My Mulhouse to talk to us about a few unusual places in their town, Mulhouse. Here are their favorites!  Forget all clichés you might have about Mulhouse and discover an appealing town : as a « capital » of graffiti artists and vegans, up from above from its belvédère and from inside… Read more →

Riquewihr, a village on the Alsace Wine Route

05/01/2016 RiquewihrFrance

Who doesn’t know about Riquewihr? This adorable village located on the Alsace Wine Route is often a must-see for people coming to visit the region. And rightly so, because one can only admit that Riquewihr is a very beautiful place. We might criticize its touristy shops and the fact that crowds descend upon the village regularly, but a visit to Riquewihr is… Read more →

Tour of the brewery of Saint-Louis

20/11/2015 Saint-LouisFrance

The brewery of Saint-Louis is an artisanal brewery located, as its name may suggest, in the village of Saint-Louis, in the South of Alsace (at the border with Basel in Switzerland). The brewery of Saint-Louis opens its doors every first Saturdays of the month. The guided tour starts with the brewery in itself and is led by the… Read more →

The Domaine de la Léonardsau, a superb park in Obernai

20/11/2015 ObernaiFrance

I have discovered by chance the Domaine de la Léonardsau, while I was coming to Saint-Léonard, at the foot of Mont Sainte-Odile, to visit Spindler Art Marquetry. The place looked stunning and I decided to have a look after my tour. This was a great idea and I got to discover a beautiful, but unknown place. The domaine… Read more →

Transhumance festival in Muhlbach-sur-Munster

15/10/2015 Muhlbach-sur-MunsterFrance

The Transhumance festival of Muhlbach-sur-Munster is the most important transhumance festival in the Vosges. It celebrates the downward transhumance, i.e. the time when cows come down from the alpine pastures after the summer, to spend winter in the plains. Muhlbach is located in the Valley of Munster, a pretty valley south of Colmar in Alsace. The program of this popular… Read more →

It’s fall, let’s all go to free apple picking!

14/10/2015 SigolsheimFrance

Do you know the concept of free picking? It consist of picking by yourself your own fruits, flowers or vegetables in an orchard or vegetable garden open especially by a producer. Free picking is quite common in Alsace and it is therefore very easy to find farms where to directly pick your fruits and vegetables. Some of… Read more →

I tested… Visiting Mulhouse with a Greeter

14/10/2015 MulhouseFrance

Would you like to visit Mulhouse, but not conventionally? Would you like to discover the town through the eyes of its inhabitants? In that case, I think I have what you need: a tour of Mulhouse with a greeter. What is a greeter? A greeter is a volunteer living in Mulhouse, who loves their town, enjoys cultural exchange and wishes… Read more →

Guided tour of Colmar old town

08/10/2015 ColmarFrance

The tourist office of Colmar offers several guided tours for individuals, including a tour of the old town. This is a fairly standard tour, but make no mistake: I have learned a lot in this tour, even if I live in Colmar! Turns out, we don’t always know very well our own town… The guide will… Read more →