Shopping Idea – Shop Avenue d’Alsace in Colmar

22/02/2016 ColmarFrance

I discovered the shop Avenue d’Alsace during one of my first walks in Colmar. I was drawn to it by the pretty fabrics exhibited in the window and I entered the shop. I really liked it and I promised myself to come back and take some pictures! A pretty tea towel offered by some friends made me realize… Read more →

A Saturday morning at Saint-Joseph market in Colmar

10/02/2016 ColmarFrance

Saint-Joseph market is hold every Saturday in Colmar, on the place Saint-Joseph. The district Saint-Joseph is not generally a district visited by tourists. It has nothing really special, but it is still very nice: it has a “village” feel that makes it quite pleasant. This is all the more true on Saturday mornings, when all the regulars come… Read more →

Visit of a Munster dairy – La ferme du Versant du Soleil


Do you know what is munster? It is an Alsatian cheese with quite a strong taste. As its name indicates, it comes from the Valley of Munster. Still to this day, it can only be produced in some parts of the East of France (in the massif of the Vosges mainly). There are also in Alsace many farms producing munster. Now,… Read more →

Christmas gifts ideas 100% made in Alsace


Noël is getting close and with it, the long and risky Christmas gift race. To get something different from all industrial objects made in China, I have decided to do a small list of Christmas gifts 100% made in Alsace! These are ideas of objects made in Alsace or activities to do in the area. All the gifts… Read more →

Shopping idea in Alsace – Tissage Gander, the art of Alsatian Kelsch

11/12/2015 MuttersholtzFrance

Tissage Gander is an Alsace company approved by the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant and located in Muttersholtz, in the Plaine of Alsace, not far from Sélestat. For 7 generations, the Gander family has been making typical Alsatian fabrics (including kelsch). Kelsch is a linen or hemp cloth (a mix of cotton and linen), traditionally checked. You probably have already seen kelsch, in winstubs or hotels. I am totally in love with… Read more →

Old books and calligraphy at the Cabinet de Curiosités in Colmar

08/12/2015 ColmarFrance

I went in the Cabinet de Curiosités by chance. Quite frankly, I had seen the jams and gingerbread of Christine Ferber in the window display and I was irresistibly drawn. It’s then that I realized I didn’t know this shop of Colmar. And what beautiful things you can find inside! Old books, engravings, drawings, photographs, paintings, pretty little objects such as… Read more →

Shopping idea in Alsace – Staub cocottes in Turckheim

01/12/2015 TurckheimFrance

The company Staub was created in 1974 in Turckheim by Francis Staub, an Alsatian man born in  Colmar. The company is famous for its enameled cast iron cocottes, that are found in numerous French and foreign kitchens. Staub was bought in 2008 by the German group Zwilling, but the products are still manufactured in the North of France. So what exactly… Read more →

Discovering the Marqueterie d’art Spindler

30/11/2015 BœrschFrance

The marqueterie Spindler is an art marquetry famous worldwide and located in the old abbey of Saint-Léonard in Boersch, very close to Obernai in Alsace. It is a very old company, as it has been created in 1897 by Charles Spindler and was then transmitted from father to son. The owner is now Jean-Charles Spindler, the grandson of the founder. It has the… Read more →

Shopping idea in Alsace – Christine Ferber’s jams

19/10/2015 NiedermorschwihrFrance

Christine Ferber is the “jam fairy“; that’s the nickname newspapers are giving her. Her jams are known worldwide and served in the best Paris luxury hotels. When I settled in Alsace, it is actually one of the first place anyone recommended to me. The first time I dipped a spoon into one of the jars of jam of Christine Ferber,… Read more →